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With the establishment of the Arms and Ammunition Cluster, the KADDB Investment Group has covered a major facet of the defence industry, where various products and calibres are tailored to different requirements.

The cluster allows the following advantages:
Internationally certified products
Multi-calibre manufacturing and testing facilities
Unique lethality, quality, and high-precision products
Efficient and cost-effective services

Jordan Armament & Weapon Systems (JAWS)

Jordan Armament & Weapon Systems (JAWS)

JAWS, a member of KADDB Arms and Ammunition Cluster, was founded to serve the Jordan Armed Forces’ (JAF) small arms requirements and tactical solutions needs.

Its main roles are to supply and upgrade JAF’s small arms, and technically assist users in missions, focusing on special operations, security missions and infantry requirements. Consequently, the company designs and develops high-quality, military-standard products, sold on an international level.

JAWS aims to be globally recognised as a manufacturer of high-quality, military-standard small firearms.

Jordan Ammunition Manufacturing Services (JORAMMO)

Jordan Ammunition Manufacturing Services (JORAMMO)

JORAMMO is part of the KADDB Investment Group’s Arms and Ammunition Cluster, founded to manufacture and distribute ammunition and ammunition storage. It assesses various types of ammunition, and dismantles any retired ammunition from service.

P.O.Box : 928128, Amman 11190, Jordan

Fax : (+962) - 2 - 629 - 7260

Phone : (+962) - 2 - 629 - 7250

Email : info@jorammo.com

Website : www.jorammo.com

Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems Co. PSC. (JADARA)

Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems Co. PSC. (JADARA)

JADARA is an affiliate of KADDB, that aims to engage in systems’ development and production, to provide technical advice in the field of Military Defence Equipment, thus fulfilling the needs and requirements of the Jordan Armed Forces.

JADARA produces the Portable Grenade Launcher System RPG 32 “Nash-Shab”.

JADARA aspires to become a standard in the production of portable, high-quality short-range weapons, of which “Nash-Shab” is the latest example.

Additionally, it aims to become a leader in the field of defence industries in the region staying concurrent with the latest developments of the military industries.

P.O.Box : 2100, Amman 11181, Jordan

Fax : (+962) - 6 - 401 - 6402

Phone : (+962) - 6 - 401 - 6644

Email : info@jadara.jo

Website : www.jadara.jo