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The KADDB Investment Group’s Supplementary Cluster covers a wide spectrum of supporting services within the industry.

These include:

Highly-efficient security services and systems
State-of-the-art industrial hub, with full logistical services

KADDB Industrial Park (KIP)

KADDB Industrial Park (KIP)

The First Modern Private Free Zone in the Entire Middle East Dedicated to Defence Industry Manufacturing

KIP is a private free industrial zone registered as a limited liability company. It operates in accordance with the Free Zones Law, enjoying all the privileges and facilities provided by the law to private and public free zones. KIP lends high levels of support to select manufacturers specialized in defence industries and in vehicle production. Furthermore, it provides a package of investment incentives, tax exemptions, and services related to infrastructure and communication. KIP is managed by a multilingual team from the private sector and military.

Fax : (+962) - 2 - 625 - 6646

Phone : (+962) - 2 - 625 - 6650

Email : info@kaddb-ipark.com

Website : www.kaddb-ipark.com



Securitas Middle East and Africa/Jordan PSC is an affiliate of the KADDB Investment Group in partnership with Securitas AD of Sweden, as part of the Group’s Supplementary Cluster.

By understanding customer needs and putting them first, Securitas Middle East and Africa/Jordan has attained a strong foothold in the Jordanian private security market through its projects, providing security services to retail premises, manufacturing, financial institutions, industrial parks and cultural projects, in both private and public sectors.

Securitas Jordan offers knowledge integral to global operation.

It protects homes, work places, and society as a whole, responding to unique and specific security challenges facing customers. Offers are tailored to specific industry demands.

Services provided include:

  • Protection, armed and unarmed, for companies and individuals
  • Monitoring and CCTV operations
  • Combined services (personal bodyguards and security systems’ integrations)
  • Integrated Security Systems
  • Training

To ensure that security and confidentiality requirements are met, rigorous standards for the selection, training, discipline, professionalism, and staff management are set.

Fax : (+962) - 6 - 551 - 7881

Phone : (+962) - 6 - 551 - 7883

Email : jordan.securitas@securitas.jo

Jordan International Security (JoSecure)

Jordan International Security (JoSecure)

JoSecure International is an affiliate of KADDB Investment Group (KIG) providing innovative security services for governments and private and public entities.


JoSecure is a low-current security systems integrator. It provides security solutions utilising latest technologies coupled with comprehensive design, installation and maintenance engineering services.


JoSecure offers a wide range of turnkey solutions which include:


  • Surveillance Systems
  • Integrated Security Systems
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Consultancy Services


P.O. Box 1503, Amman 11947, Jordan

Fax : +962 (6) 460 3235

Phone : +962 (6) 460 3230

 Email : info@josecure.com

Website : www.josecure.com