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Automotive and Industrial

The scope of work covered by the Automotive and Industrial Cluster at the Group aims at fulfilling the needs and requirements of its clients in matters of light and heavy vehicle armouring in addition to other related industrial solutions
Arms and Ammunition

With the establishment of the Arms and Ammunition Cluster, the KADDB Investment Group has covered a major aspect of the defence industry, where various products and calibres are manufactured for different requirements
Troops Product

The Troops’ Cluster of the Group focuses on providing the ultimate personal solutions for the user, whether a civilian, security or a military personnel. The fields covered by this cluster vary between the personnel protection products to feeding the troops in and outside the field
Supplementary Cluster

One final cluster that exists within the Group covers a wide spectrum of services supporting the industry, and other potential businesses
Electronics & Electro-Optics Cluster

KIG's Electronics and Electro-Optics Cluster aims to bring Night Vision and Thermal Imaging systems in-step with cutting edge technology and needs of the defence industry
Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX) 2020

Welcome to KIG

The KADDB Investment Group (KIG) has been established to act as the commercial arm for the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and its companies. KIG aims at establishing new and growing businesses in the Defense and Security industries along with various services that would complement these industries. read more

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