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AMMAN. In response to the needs of the local market, and due to the changes in weather conditions, Jordan Manufacturing Services and Solutions (JMSS), a KADDB Investment Group (KIG) affiliate, has developed a bucket-shaped, locally-manufactured, and cost-effective “Snow Plow”. This “Snow Plow” comes in 3 sizes; 2000mm, 2440mm, and 3000mm. The Plow has a shock absorbing capability by using optimised trip springs to ensure plow glides over obstacles.

It is equipped with a hard and durable cutting blade, which is made of Hardox Steel (thickness 12mm, width of 160mm), and is connected to the blade by steel bolts. The blade can be steered to over 30, to the right and left.

This durable high specifications Mil-Spec Snow Plow, is readily available, and based on standard parts and equipment. It is considered to be a quick and easy mounting system on any type of vehicle





About JMSS

JMSS is a major player in the Automotive and Industrial Cluster of the KIG, which aims at providing timely and cost-effective heavy and medium manufacturing and maintenance services and solutions; not restricted to a certain task but flexible to meet the clients’ needs and requirements.

The company has been acknowledged for its honourable portfolio of tasks including, rebuild of medium to heavy vehicles, armour development and upgrade, special purpose vehicles modifications and upgrade, design, development and building of electronic outdoor live shooting training ranges, steel structure manufacturing and fabrication, as well as boats rehabilitation.



About KIG

The KADDB Investment Group (KIG) has been established to act as the commercial and investment arm for the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and its affiliates.

The KADDB Investment Group aims at establishing new and growing businesses in the Defence and Security industries along with various services that would complement these industries.

The scope of work covered by the Group’s Affiliates is represented in Business Clusters; Automotive and Industrial, Troops, Arms and Ammunition, as well as a Supplementary Cluster.